WellPower was created to address the critical challenges around producing and distributing clean drinking water in developing economies. First, I designed, tested, and built an ultra-low-cost water filtration plant. It used upcycled solar panels and repurposed battery packs, allowing it to be deployed anywhere and filter water from any surface water source. We raised some funds from our family, friends, and founders and traveled to Kenya where we deployed our first filtration system to serve over 1000 households with affordable clean drinking water. In order to scale this solution we created a distribution network where customers could place an order through a smartphone app or SMS chatbot, and a delivery driver would deliver drinking water to their doorstep within 30 minutes. By optimizing the entire process, designing low cost technology, and removing inefficiencies, we were able to provide drinking water that was cleaner, over 50% cheaper, and far more convenient than any existing solution.

Pitch Deck

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World Bank publication outlining the business plan for WellPower

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