Search and Rescue Robot

Project Overview

For my advanced mechanical design course, a team of students and I were tasked with designing and building a robot capable of carrying out a search and rescue mission. The robot would have to pick up a kit containing medical supplies, navigate around obstacles, climb over difficult terrain, navigate through a narrow tunnel, and deliver the 'med kit' to the 'patient.'

Figure 1: A visual overview of the mission profile

Figure 2: Video showing early prototype

Figure 3: Cad model of assembled final design

My Role

I was responsible for 3 sections of this project: Fabricating prototypes, electromechanical systems, and microcontroller code.

Prototype Fabrication:

  • Manually machined aluminum components Bridgeport Mill

  • Turned HDPE and Teflon components on lathe

  • CNC'd gears and linkages for gripper arms on Haas VF-2D 3 axis CNC machine

Electromechanical Systems

  • Derived system constraints from mission parameters

  • Designed electromechanical subsystems, selected and purchased components, and created mission power budget

  • The robot's powertrain consisted of two Mini CIM DC motors powered by 12V 7Ah battery.

  • The robot is controlled by a Teensyduino microcontroller, with a Raspberry Pi running OpenCV for object detection taking over for certain autonomous tasks

  • The sensor loadout includes 3 IR proximity sensors, 2 photoresistors, and 1 accelerometer (3-axis)

Figure 4: Wiring Diagram for base electromechanical system

Figure 5: Schematic for final design implementation including sensor load out and Raspberry Pi

Microcontroller Code

  • Code was written in C++ using Arduino IDE

  • Contains methods for movement, wall traversal, chute traversal, navigation towards a light source, medkit delivery, and RC teleoperation

  • Github repo here