3D printing

Although I often use 3D printing as a tool for my job or research, it is also a hobby that I find immensely entertaining and rewarding. I try to design and print something at least once a week if time permits.

My Setup

  • Printer: Creatility Ender 3

  • Slicer: Simplify3D and/or Ultimaker Cura

  • CAD Software: CATIA, Fusion360, Auto

  • Upgrades/Modifications: Tempered Glass Build Plate, MK10 extruder hot end, all metal feeder assembly, UxCell bed springs, Capricorn PTFE bowden tube, hardened steel nozzles, board fan guard, filament guide

My workshop

Every good builder needs a good workshop and a good set of tools. I have done my best to acquire both despite being a broke college student. A dollar spent on tools is a dollar invested wisely! Tools, parts, and projects occupy the majority of my living space, so I can't show them all. Here is a small selection:

My 3D printer setup featuring two Ender3's

My wall of tools (don't worry, there are many, many more)

My electronics bench with small parts and electronics components organizer

What have I printed?


A small boat everyone uses as a standard/benchmark to compare print quality against


A small wind instrument entirely 3D printed


A replica of SpaceX's starship I made to practice CAD modeling and printing

Thermal Camera Mount

Prototype development for my job. Read more here.

Dinosaur Clip

A clip designed to make it look like a dinosaur is chomping on your bag of chips

Fan Upgrade

An upgrade designed to direct the airflow from the cooling fan more evenly around prints

Dinosaur Cookie Cutter

I printed this to make dinosaur chicken nuggets from scratch. It taught me to make prints food-safe and how to use PETG

Skull Vase

This was printed using "vase" mode where the printer prints one continuous line in a spiral without stopping.

Printed Ball Bearing

This ball bearing was printed in place and required no assembly. It required really fine print quality to move smoothly

This is just a small sample of what I've printed so far, and the list is constantly expanding! I'll update this page periodically. Last Update: 2/10/2021

Filaments and Materials

**These pictures are not my personal prints**


The standard plastic used for hobbyist 3D printing. Strong, cheap, easy to print with. I use PLA >75% of the time.


This plastic is a bit stronger than PLA, making it good for mechanical parts like gears. The tradeoff is it is harder to print with.


Nylon is very tough, durable, and has a little flexibility. It is extremely difficult to print with at home. I usually use an online 3D printing service if I need to use nylon/


TPU is my go-to flexible filament. You can get TPU with different hardness/flexibility. It essentially allows you to print in rubber, but takes some time to master.


"Wood" filament is generally PLA embedded with wood fibers (30% wood). It is easy to print with, looks beautiful, and even sands like real wood!

Exotic Filaments

I have tried a variety of exotic filaments, such as "brass", "marble", "gold", and more. These filaments are typically PLA mixed with metal or mineral powders, and allow you to make visually stunning pieces.