FPV Drone Building and Racing

Section in Progress! Updates are coming soon

Happymodel Mobula7

  • Small and indestructible, this drone is my go-to for practicing tough moves or when the weather outside isn't ideal

  • 1S or 2S battery modes for indoor/outdoor flight

  • 75mm brushless whoop space

FlyWoo Explorer LR

  • This 4 inch quad was designed for long range exploration

  • Cruising speed 25-30 mph

  • Up to 20 min flight time

  • GPS and model finder give you confidence to push the limits of the range

  • The powertrain contains the GOKU 16x16 stack and the all new 2700kV 1404 motors spinning 4" props is optimized for maximum efficiency and low weight


  • My roommate and I designed this quad from the ground up to be compact, powerful, and adaptable for various scenarios

  • This has been a long term, ongoing project to make a quadcopter that can carry a Raspberry Pi 4 and sensor bay

  • We intend to use this vehicle as a chassis for various projects and experiments

  • Our first project was to create a base station that could send telemetry data to the Quad to make it fly routes based on GPS waypoints

  • The second project was to incorporate some computer vision and train a collision avoidance model so the quad could dodge large, obvious obstacles (like buildings) while following the routes from part 1.

  • The third project (in progress) is to add a sensor bay to allow the quad to collect data as it flies. We are considering cameras, lidar, and TOF sensors to try to create a topographical map of a specified area

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

  • Great for aerial videography and cinematography

  • I use this DJI drone as a chance to experiment building some software using the DJI SDK

  • For my job at ThirdEye Gen, I created a simple android apk to display the video feed from the DJI drone onto the company's AR glasses.