Hi, I'm Noah

About Me

I’m a lifelong engineer and entrepreneur. I am passionate about building technologies and starting companies that will change the world on a global scale!

I'm currently a Mechanical Engineer at SpaceX.

I attended Princeton University where I studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with minors in Robotic Intelligent Systems and Entrepreneurship.

Note to reader: This website is still under development as of 3/26/2021. Please excuse any missing content or formatting errors. This website will periodically be updated as I finish projects and start new ones.

Robotics & Autonomous Systems Car

Search and Rescue Robot

Augmented Reality Gun Scope

Senior Thesis: Long Range Cargo VTOL Aircraft

3D Printing + Workshop

Optimized Lightweight Aircraft Wing Design

FPV Drone Building and Racing

Augmented Reality Glasses

Computer Vision + ML Racebot

WellPower Technologies Inc

Micro and Nano fabrication

Soft robotics